How to reach us

                   From the Central Train station, 75321 Uppsala

                   To BMMS, BMC Husargatan 75237 Uppsala

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                     Road description

Km         Road description    Length
0.0    Start at the Central Train station  
0.1    Drive on to Bangårdsgatan  40 m
0.1    Turn left on to Kungsgatan  0.5 km
0.6    Turn right on to Strandbodgatan  380 m
1.0    Turn right on to Östra Ågatan  380 m
1.4    Continue driving on to Munkgatan  230 m
1.6    Turn left at Sjukhusvägen  1.2 km
2.0    Turn left on to Dag Hammarskjölds                               väg  0.5 km
3.3     Turn right on to Husargatan  110 m
You can park your can on the parking lot in front   of the building  
3.5     BMMS is situated by entrance 9,  A7:2